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Happier parents. Healthier children.

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      There are times in life when you just need someone to help clarify an issue and get you on the right path.

- Step family complications

- anger/sadness dynamic at home

- afraid to speak openly with your spouse

- worried about your pre-teen girls choices

- loss of self-esteem/confidence

    My role is to transform parents by empowering them to create a happier and healthier home. Each person possesses an integral role in their families. We all need to be accountable for those roles. 

I not only have a Psychology degree, but have many years of experience with blended families. You are not alone in your struggles.

I have also created a special program for girls in Middle School. When boys enter our girls worlds, they need guidance in navigating their feelings/physical choices. Let me help guide your daughter to find her strength and confidence to make the right choices as she develops into a young lady.

Text/Call me and we can begin a healthier & happier path.

Building Confidence!

Great Times with life time memories!

Out door family fun!

Untethered, fresh air fun!

Home, sweet, home.....

calm, comfortable, peaceful.....

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