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 At BFF Life Coaching, I am focused on providing a confidential, non-judgemental, warm environment where creativity is encouraged and solutions are created. I can focus not only on teen issues but also families concerns. It's all about being clear with communication and a common goal. Let's talk!  

A little about me...

Welcome! I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I am one of 7 siblings in a multi-cultural extended family. I have children of my own and know the difficulties (and rewards) of balancing life/work/family.

Growing up, I had two step families who were quite different as well as my biological family. I understand how challenging, and yet beautiful life can be.

Lets transform your blended family into the respectful, loving one you have dreamed it can be.  

I've been doing more work with young women, encouraging them to open up and express themselves with confidence with peers and family. They have so much to share and the courage that comes from within is lifechanging. I hope to continue this work.

Happier parents means healthier children!

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